7% Property Coupon

Key Highlights

The Directors are of the opinion that the funds raised are sufficient for the Company to carry out its business plan, to identify and carry out due diligence on potential acquisitions and investment targets and to provide working capital for the Company’s initial operations in line with its strategy. The key highlights of the Company include: • Proven management track record of developments in the UK property market. • Appetite for overseas investors into the UK residential property market. • There is high demand for residential market development due to shortages in housing across the UK. • UK mainstream residential property capital values are forecast to rise by 19.3 per cent. over the next five years.

Primary Focus

The Company’s primary focus will be to develop residential property in the United Kingdom, with an initial focus on opportunities in Manchester/North West region of England, where the management team has previous experience in property development, with future expansion plans to include Liverpool, the Midlands and areas within commuting distance of London.