Fixed Income Bond 7.25%

Fully customized betting service on desktop, tablet and mobile platforms, works with the clubs to promote the service to members and supporters and then shares the resulting net revenues with them, not a bookmaker and does not require any licenses, nor do its affiliated clubs. just develops technology to deliver a betting service acting as a channel between their betting service provider.


Within minutes of applying a sports club can have its own unique betting service on desktop, tablet and mobile phone featuring its logo, colours and social media. A percentage of profits, which would usually be retained by a bookmaker is passed back to that club every month and they are also rewarded with sports kit for the successful recruitment of bettors.


The Bond provides a fixed income of 7.25% to investors paid twice yearly. The funds will enable to further develop its suite of products both in the UK and abroad. The Bond is a listed, freely transferable, investment paying interest gross. It is eligible for investment within SIPP’s, SSAS, ISAs and Offshore Bonds. The Bond will be listed and is an eligible asset under the Eligible Assets Directive and is a transferable security under UCITS rules.


Through exposure to the industry and working alongside clubs, the Bond aims to provide investors with the opportunity to create a balanced portfolio by investing in an actively managed service created for clubs to have their own dedicated betting service.


With a circa 25% interest of the net licensing proceeds from three United States Patents, two being continuation Patents of the first, but are separate Patents In their own right. The first Patent was granted in 2007 but was not pursued until recently, largely due to funding constraints. The continuation Patents were granted in March 2016 and March 2018.