KCP Creations EIS Fund

Investment opportunities into new and early stage growth companies across the Creative Industries sector to the benefit of a range of Tax Reliefs as offered through the Enterprise Investment Scheme. The team will place a strong emphasis on Music Industry investment to capitalize on the intimate knowledge and experience of some of the team.


The Fund’s core investment strategy is to focus on new and early stage growth companies across the Creative Industries sector. Where it makes sense the Fund will also invest in startup companies that show potential and/or a distinct advantage in the market place.

Funds will be invested into small to medium sized companies. Investee Companies should ideally possess management teams who are demonstrably experienced to oversee, and supervise, the origination and production of high quality content or services with preference towards international potential. The Management intends to appoint at least one representative director to the board of each Investee Company and enter into an investment agreement with each Investee Company requiring each Investee Company to maintain its EIS status and provide the Fund with regular accounts.

Fund Objectives

The Fund aims to satisfy a number of key objectives:

*To invest across the sector into companies with significant potential to generate revenue

*To strategically invest across the company value chain

*To establish a diversified portfolio of companies

A combination of strong management and resources, portfolio diversification and the EIS tax advantages we hope will significantly limit downside risk while maximizing the prospects of stimulating considerable returns from Investors Subscriptions.

Key Facts 

Offer Size Offer Size – No Limit
Minimum Subscription – £10,000 and multiples of £1,000 thereafter up to a maximum of £1Million
Investment Period – Tax year 2018/19
Target Close Date – 31 December 2018
Target Portfolio Size – 6-15 startup and growth companies
Fund Structure – Unapproved Enterprise Investment Scheme
Fund Manager – Prosper Capital LLP