Paradise Gardens Hydroponics ( EIS ) add’s to Capital Platform.

Paradise Gardens ( Global ) Limited have created an Enterprise Investment Scheme (“EIS”) Investment Opportunity in the Hydroponics technology Sector which offers Investors an opportunity to invest in FiJi and around the world.

The management team currently operate hydroponic projects throughout the world, with the most recent project being located within Fiji and a further site acquired for development in Portugal. The Company seeks to generate the targeted minimum return of £1.24 for every £1 invested before tax reliefs. The Management Team of the Company have an extensive track record in the hydroponic sector which enables them to identify and deliver on suitable projects.

With the world’s population nearing 7.5 billion and global prosperity and the desire for more resource intensive foods rising steeply too it has become clear that productions needs to increase through the use of sophisticated hydroponic solutions. Through the use of these systems it is possible to grow plants without soil through using a nutrient-rich solution to deliver water and minerals to their roots.

The directors of the company have secured a number of clients which includes hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and distributors. They have also secured a letter of intent for a major order to supply to a client in Sydney Market, Australia.

Capital group International has an established network of registered IFAs, wealth managers and family offices with an appetite for this type of alternative investment.