An enterprise communication solutions provider, delivering dramatic key business metrics improvements, trusted and highly valued by its large blue chip corporate customers.  The company is planning to raise investments of €5,000,000 through the Employment and Investment Incentive Scheme, and are offering the opportunity to invest tax effectively in an established, profitable and growing business.

Why Invest?

Today the company sells to very large blue chip corporate customers.  These companies are in the retail, financial services, utility, logistics and other sectors.  Once they win these customers, they grow business with them year on year and keep their custom indefinitely.  They are reliable payers and give real leadership credibility.

Over the past year they have built on credibility and created partnerships with a number of international corporations that will bring global leading software platform and suite of products to enterprise customers in over 100 countries.

The business and revenue model is based on recurring monthly revenue.  This generates consistent and dependable monthly income.  Critically, it also means that in each future year, they build on the revenues of the previous year                                     
Sales revenues last year will exceed €7.1 million; up from €336,000 in 2008.

They have been consistently profitable for the last five years and we have no debt.

Investors will purchase shares at €10 each and be offered €12 per share after four years.  It is intended that investors will receive a 100% return on their net investment.

Investment Strategy

  • Targeting Blue Chip Companies 
  • EIIS & EIS Focused 

Tax relief & Return.  

Tax relief & Return on investment 15,000 shares @ €10 each €150,000
30% available tax relief – year 1  €45,000
Further 10% relief after – year 3 €15,000

Total tax saving           €60,000

Net Cost to Investors €90,000

Cheque back to Investor (€150k + €30k)  €180,000

Gain (€60,000 + €30,000) = €90,000 Double your net investment

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