Exchange Traded Funds


(the „Fund“) invests in carefully selected UCITS- eligible Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) replicating the global equities market reference indices with main focus on developed countries.


The Fund seeks to generate consistent long-term capital appreciation through investments in carefully selected Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) with a global equity exposure. The Fund may be fully invested in UCITS-eligible ETFs as well as (if deemed necessary) regulated open-ended investment funds with an exposure on equities, bonds, or money market instruments respectively in cash. Furthermore, the Fund may be exposed substantially to regulated investment funds qualifying as Undertaking for Collective Investments in Transferable Securities (“UCITS”) under the EC Directive 2009/65 of 13 July 2009. These investment funds must be subject to the financial regulator of a Member State of the European Union or by the Swiss financial regulator. The benchmark index of the Fund is the MSCI World Index


Active portfolio management as opposed to a classical „buy-and- hold“ strategy.   Strong portfolio diversification and reduced counterparty risk through exposure on global equity markets, different UCITS-eligible ETFs and ETF-providers.

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  • Active volatility and liquidity monitoring to ensure maximum capital protection.
  • Selective and cautious target picking criteria.
  • Conservative approach combined with prudent portfolio restrictions.
  • Weekly liquidity for investors seeking high fund-ability of their investment.